Sunday, April 05, 2015

A year after...

It has been a year since I left the company I'd stayed for 6 years. I would like to thank God for making the transition amazingly smooth and happy. I know this is only the beginning and I will still be facing a lot of challenges but I know with God's grace I can face anything. A lot of people are asking me why I left my former employer even if I get to travel to japan so I am writing this article to somehow give them an idea what led to my decision.

The very main reason why I finally decided to tender my resignation is because I got fed up with the Filipino Manager. Seeing his face and communicating with him everyday in the office had become a nightmare to me. For a long time, I chose to ignore him because my Japanese bosses had been very supportive and nice to us. But "Voldemort" (let us call this Filipino Manager with this name...wahaha) would do anything to make office life miserable. I know he don't like me ever since and he is actually very vocal about that. haha. But I still work hard even if finally realizing that I am not given the compensation and respect I deserved. 

Here are the reasons why “Voldemort” is a one horrible manager:

1.     He speaks loudly, rudely, one-sidedly to staff.  He intimidates people and bully staff.
2.     He makes work-related problems (sometimes, it is not even a “problem”) ruined your day and will make you feel useless when simple, positive communication would correct the problem. (in short OA, overacting)
3.     He causes dissention among staff members by his or her actions and comments. I don’t know why he likes to make “issues” among his subordinates and make them compete with one another.
4.     He chooses favorite employees and covers up and makes excuses for the poor work and attendance of his favorites.
5.     He flirts with pretty employees. (yucks). He sends flirty text messages and emails to pretty ladies in the office. And there’s this one young pretty lady who chose to resign after a year because she said, she's already afraid of “Voldemort” sending her flirty text messages during office hours and even giving her foods in not normal behaviors. What a jerk.

I would just end this article here. I hope this will be an eye-opener to other employees who are treated with no respect to stand up for their rights and beliefs. Never allow them to tell you that you don’t deserve a favorable increase in your salary or you are not worthy to be sent abroad for client meetings even if you know how much you've worked hard. And most importantly stick to your values and stay true to yourself. It is okay to be "different" as long as you don't destroy other people. I wrote this article not to destroy him (actually, he don’t even deserve to be mentioned here in my blog. haha) but for people to know the truth. He is good in creating stories making you look bad to all. I hope “Voldemort” will soon realized that money and power are just temporary in this world. We are all just passersby in this earth. What’s important is how much you have touched people’s lives in a positive way. Think.

I miss my friends in my former company. They are the people whom I’d shared a lot of memories to treasure. But I am happy to know that we are “growing” in our own ways. We must face the changes in life as we mature... (hihi)

"I am happy."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fashion Monday :-) (echos!)

I'd decided to make "Monday" as a Fashion Spot for this blog. I will write articles related to the World of Fashion. I don't know for how long but probably as long as ideas/topics enter my mind. ;-)

Taking up a college course dominated by men is probably the reason why dressing up is not my thing. Pants/shorts and t-shirt is my usual get-up for a day. Wearing dresses is not my thing (except of course for special occasions where I need to comply with a dress code). For my sisters, it is the complete opposite! They like to dress up and wearing dresses for work, for casual occasions, etc. is just a common thing for them. For me, I lack the confidence to wear dresses in public as a casual wear. I don't know why but I'm really not comfortable walking around the street wearing those. But one day, my eldest sister Liza told me that I should try to wear dresses because I have such a cute/petite body that will go well with it. (well, what do you expect, she's my sister, whether it's true or not, I chose to believe her.hahaha). She said my choice of clothes are boring and corny. And that's when I'd decided to play with fashion and started wearing dresses more often. There are still times I don't feel comfortable roaming the city wearing fancy dresses but I chose to be confident. I think girls should always feel cute/pretty with their choice of wear. Don't mind the comments/eyes of the people around as long as you feel beautiful.Go girl!

Here are some pictures of me feeling "girly-girly" :-P ...

Walking around the streets of Singapore :-)

Picture Taking in Resorts World ;-)

Spa at New World Hotel

Going to church in Japan :-)

Star City with Rome!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day :-(

Although it is still so hard to accept the fact that Papa is no longer with us, we still tried to celebrate Father's Day last June 16, 2013 to show him that he is never forgotten and he will live forever in our hearts. I know he is up there watching and guiding his girls. :-)

I still have my moments...There are times my tears would just fall everytime memories of him pop into my mind...I still can't listen to Elvis Presley's songs without crying my heart out...but still I am trying my very best to be strong for my mother and my sisters.

I woke up early on this day hearing papa's favorite Elvis Presley's CD playing loud in our room and it was my sister Marie's way of waking us up. It made us cry again. But, it brought us happiness feeling Papa's presence in his room. (the CD player kept on skipping on the songs, although we know the CD is not damaged, it is probably Papa's way of telling us he is just around the house.:-))

We went to church and heard mass and after that we went straight to the cemetery and offered candles and prayers. Then we had our breakfast at Jollibeee,Libertad. Mommy cooked our favorite spaghetti and we bought a roll of cake and we had our simple celebration at home.

I miss you papa. Father's Day would never be the same without you here...

God Bless all the Fathers :-)

Hi Papa!

Romeo's Girls :-)

(Never mind those crying eyes.)

We chose to be happy. We are bonded by love...

King Romeo!

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Ramen is my comfort food here in Japan. Everytime I feel sad I would always request my roommate to accompany me to my favorite Ramen House here, Yamaokaya. (Thanks to our half-filipino, half-japs neighbor/friend Sachiko for introducing this Ramen House to us.) Those big sized noodles and oh so yummy hot soup served in a gigantic bowl relaxes my senses. Haha. It’s a good thing it is one of the cheapest foods here so I don’t have to spend thousands for just one meal. My buddy and I would even share in one bowl sometimes, because it is already big enough to satisfy our hunger. I really have the simplest taste buds in the world, haha! Ramen, anyone?!



Happy Cherry :-)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Joy-Cheche-Ethel-Cherry. “We are the Temptation Island Girls!” . Toinks!Don’t get me wrong, we are not as pretty and sexy as those ladies in the popular movie with that title. haha. We just kiddingly called ourselves as Solenn-Lovi-Marian-Heart, a month before we go to Singapore for an all-girls 7-days vacation last October 2011. I’ve come to write this entry because I am just so amazed how our lives have changed in a span of just one year. Cheche and Joy are already eagerly waiting for the birth of their first-borns. While Ethel and I are here in Japan, working and just enjoying what life has to offer as single ladies! Haha. Just like in the movie, we are four girls that differ in personality, attitude, and beliefs but we are bonded by the word “Friendship”. Sometimes we argue, we get into each other’s nerves, we have bad moods and we find it difficult to accept our own eccentricity, but we chose to stick with each other through thick and thin. I know that we will always be there for each other whatever and wherever life will lead us…Bring it on girls! :-P

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hail to the King! My father, Romeo O. Radoc…

The evening of 24th of September 2012 is probably the longest night of my life…It felt like my heart stopped beating during those moments…Papa was rushed again to the hospital because apparently he stopped responding to my mom and sisters when being called…And then in the early morning of 25th of September 2012, I had received the worst text message ever in my life...”Ate Cherry, wala na si papa, dito na kami Rizal Funeral…”

Papa underwent Hemodialysis for three years and during those times, my mom and my sisters are hoping for him to get better but preparing ourselves for the worst things that can happen. But I guess you can never be prepared for things like this, it is so hard to let go of Papa. We had witnessed his battle for him to spend a few more years with us. We were saddened how he was affected by the treatment emotionally and physically. A lot of times I had questioned God why him…

I had to travel from Japan to be with him for the last time. I don’t even know how I was able to do it with my knees shaking and my eyes flooded with tears.  (I’m sure Papa had guided me all the way...)

I love you so much Papa. I will miss you every day of my life. Thank you for the wonderful memories we had shared and for the values you had taught us. I may not be your sweetest daughter but I hope you knew how much I had loved you with all my heart. People say that you were lucky to have us as your daughters because we grew up as responsible and loving individuals but they are wrong…My sisters and I were lucky to have you as our father because you had raised us well. I am proud of you.

Greatest Love Story ever told...

Last pic of Papa with my three sisters

Papa with his Sweetest Daughter :-)

Papa with Rome (his first granddaughter)

I will always be a "Papa's Girl"...I love you Papa...

R.I.P. Mr. Romeo Ocampo Radoc

This link is the video for "Always On My Mind" by Elvis Presley.
My youngest sister said that this was the last song he had listened to on his cd player 
and sang along with it. A certified Elvis Presley fanatic 'til the end!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day at Work

Last July 3, 2012 was my first day at work in Japan. I was assigned at the Tsuchiura Office as one of the staffs in the Compressor Department. The job is quite different from my line of work in the Philippines because I’ll be using a different software, not the one that I’ve been using for almost five years. The pressure is really big on my part, because I don’t want to disappoint my superiors back home who trusted me with what I consider as an opportunity and a responsibility. I’ll do my best to help the group and putting my trust in my abilities and holding on to my faith in the almighty God to be an asset to the company. That day, I'd felt like a girl fresh out of college and going to her first ever job again. Fear, excitement, happiness are all over me as I'll be working with people of different culture and language. But I guess it's nice to say that I've come prepared for this battle :-P

"I am the girl from Manila!" hahaha!

I have this inside my bag on my first day in case of emergency...hahaha!


Welcome Gifts from one of my Japanese Bosses :-)