Sunday, April 05, 2015

A year after...

It has been a year since I left the company I'd stayed for 6 years. I would like to thank God for making the transition amazingly smooth and happy. I know this is only the beginning and I will still be facing a lot of challenges but I know with God's grace I can face anything. A lot of people are asking me why I left my former employer even if I get to travel to japan so I am writing this article to somehow give them an idea what led to my decision.

The very main reason why I finally decided to tender my resignation is because I got fed up with the Filipino Manager. Seeing his face and communicating with him everyday in the office had become a nightmare to me. For a long time, I chose to ignore him because my Japanese bosses had been very supportive and nice to us. But "Voldemort" (let us call this Filipino Manager with this name...wahaha) would do anything to make office life miserable. I know he don't like me ever since and he is actually very vocal about that. haha. But I still work hard even if finally realizing that I am not given the compensation and respect I deserved. 

Here are the reasons why “Voldemort” is a one horrible manager:

1.     He speaks loudly, rudely, one-sidedly to staff.  He intimidates people and bully staff.
2.     He makes work-related problems (sometimes, it is not even a “problem”) ruined your day and will make you feel useless when simple, positive communication would correct the problem. (in short OA, overacting)
3.     He causes dissention among staff members by his or her actions and comments. I don’t know why he likes to make “issues” among his subordinates and make them compete with one another.
4.     He chooses favorite employees and covers up and makes excuses for the poor work and attendance of his favorites.
5.     He flirts with pretty employees. (yucks). He sends flirty text messages and emails to pretty ladies in the office. And there’s this one young pretty lady who chose to resign after a year because she said, she's already afraid of “Voldemort” sending her flirty text messages during office hours and even giving her foods in not normal behaviors. What a jerk.

I would just end this article here. I hope this will be an eye-opener to other employees who are treated with no respect to stand up for their rights and beliefs. Never allow them to tell you that you don’t deserve a favorable increase in your salary or you are not worthy to be sent abroad for client meetings even if you know how much you've worked hard. And most importantly stick to your values and stay true to yourself. It is okay to be "different" as long as you don't destroy other people. I wrote this article not to destroy him (actually, he don’t even deserve to be mentioned here in my blog. haha) but for people to know the truth. He is good in creating stories making you look bad to all. I hope “Voldemort” will soon realized that money and power are just temporary in this world. We are all just passersby in this earth. What’s important is how much you have touched people’s lives in a positive way. Think.

I miss my friends in my former company. They are the people whom I’d shared a lot of memories to treasure. But I am happy to know that we are “growing” in our own ways. We must face the changes in life as we mature... (hihi)

"I am happy."

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