Thursday, December 13, 2012


Joy-Cheche-Ethel-Cherry. “We are the Temptation Island Girls!” . Toinks!Don’t get me wrong, we are not as pretty and sexy as those ladies in the popular movie with that title. haha. We just kiddingly called ourselves as Solenn-Lovi-Marian-Heart, a month before we go to Singapore for an all-girls 7-days vacation last October 2011. I’ve come to write this entry because I am just so amazed how our lives have changed in a span of just one year. Cheche and Joy are already eagerly waiting for the birth of their first-borns. While Ethel and I are here in Japan, working and just enjoying what life has to offer as single ladies! Haha. Just like in the movie, we are four girls that differ in personality, attitude, and beliefs but we are bonded by the word “Friendship”. Sometimes we argue, we get into each other’s nerves, we have bad moods and we find it difficult to accept our own eccentricity, but we chose to stick with each other through thick and thin. I know that we will always be there for each other whatever and wherever life will lead us…Bring it on girls! :-P

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hail to the King! My father, Romeo O. Radoc…

The evening of 24th of September 2012 is probably the longest night of my life…It felt like my heart stopped beating during those moments…Papa was rushed again to the hospital because apparently he stopped responding to my mom and sisters when being called…And then in the early morning of 25th of September 2012, I had received the worst text message ever in my life...”Ate Cherry, wala na si papa, dito na kami Rizal Funeral…”

Papa underwent Hemodialysis for three years and during those times, my mom and my sisters are hoping for him to get better but preparing ourselves for the worst things that can happen. But I guess you can never be prepared for things like this, it is so hard to let go of Papa. We had witnessed his battle for him to spend a few more years with us. We were saddened how he was affected by the treatment emotionally and physically. A lot of times I had questioned God why him…

I had to travel from Japan to be with him for the last time. I don’t even know how I was able to do it with my knees shaking and my eyes flooded with tears.  (I’m sure Papa had guided me all the way...)

I love you so much Papa. I will miss you every day of my life. Thank you for the wonderful memories we had shared and for the values you had taught us. I may not be your sweetest daughter but I hope you knew how much I had loved you with all my heart. People say that you were lucky to have us as your daughters because we grew up as responsible and loving individuals but they are wrong…My sisters and I were lucky to have you as our father because you had raised us well. I am proud of you.

Greatest Love Story ever told...

Last pic of Papa with my three sisters

Papa with his Sweetest Daughter :-)

Papa with Rome (his first granddaughter)

I will always be a "Papa's Girl"...I love you Papa...

R.I.P. Mr. Romeo Ocampo Radoc

This link is the video for "Always On My Mind" by Elvis Presley.
My youngest sister said that this was the last song he had listened to on his cd player 
and sang along with it. A certified Elvis Presley fanatic 'til the end!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day at Work

Last July 3, 2012 was my first day at work in Japan. I was assigned at the Tsuchiura Office as one of the staffs in the Compressor Department. The job is quite different from my line of work in the Philippines because I’ll be using a different software, not the one that I’ve been using for almost five years. The pressure is really big on my part, because I don’t want to disappoint my superiors back home who trusted me with what I consider as an opportunity and a responsibility. I’ll do my best to help the group and putting my trust in my abilities and holding on to my faith in the almighty God to be an asset to the company. That day, I'd felt like a girl fresh out of college and going to her first ever job again. Fear, excitement, happiness are all over me as I'll be working with people of different culture and language. But I guess it's nice to say that I've come prepared for this battle :-P

"I am the girl from Manila!" hahaha!

I have this inside my bag on my first day in case of emergency...hahaha!


Welcome Gifts from one of my Japanese Bosses :-)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Arrival in Japan

Last July 2, 2012 after almost 5 years of waiting for the company I am currently employed to, to be given a chance to work in Japan also like my other colleagues, I finally arrived in Japan. I considered this almost 6 months of stay in this country as an early birthday gift, as my birthday was just 4 days away then. Aside from career growth, I am also excited to live on my own and experience the joys and pains of being away from home. I know I will miss my family so much but I also can’t wait to see myself grow as a mature person and make decisions on my own. I can now finally unleash my cooking skills after months of learning and trying at home. Hahaha. I know doing household chores would not be a problem for me because, hmm, I have no other choice but to do it! I am gonna be all by myself! :-)

I can’t wait to learn new things at work and broaden my knowledge about the wonders of Mechanical Engineering, my chosen field. I know there are also a lot of exciting things to see and learn outside my work and a chance to discover and explore the beauty of this country. I also have my fears but I know my faith in the Almighty God will guide me all throughout this new journey in my life. Ikimasho!

Flight DELTA Air Lines (DL) 172
Depart: Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL), Terminal 1
Arrive: Narita (NRT), Terminal 1 Tokyo

Fasten your seat belt :-)


Haha.Old School. I watched the This Is It Concert 
of Michael Jackson while on flight. (eventhough there are a lot of new choices,new artists...)
I Love You Michael! :-)


Arrived Safely! Thank you Lord!


Narita Airport Terminal 1

Konnichiwa! :-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last February 14, I'd decided to go to the Dermatologist to seek the help of a professional for my skin that's ruined with chickenpox scars. hayz. So, my Valentine's Day is actually "a date to the derma", with my mom.hahaha.

It was the first time in the 30 years of my life to visit a skin clinic.boom! Because, growing up I never really have sensitive skin. I'd never experienced those scary "lots of big pimples face" during my teens. Probably the worst breakouts that I have in my face was back in 2009, when my father was confined at the hospital for almost two months but it was not really that bad, just a couple of pimples in my chin and it did not leave any marks.

The doctor prescribed three kinds of cream to be apply for morning and evening. She emphasized that I should apply it regularly everyday for favorable results. She said that it would take at least 1-2 months for my scars to heal. It has been 3 weeks since my first visit and I can really see the improvement in my face. I hope my face will be smooth again in the soonest possible time...

The clinic is one of the most popular in Pasay City and I can really see the long line of patients seeking treatment during my visit. The Dermatologist is nice and you'll feel comfortable talking to her and she's really pretty, she have smooth and white skin. :-)

2317 P. Burgos Cor. F. Rosario Brgy. 59
Pasay City

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Dance Workout"

My sister Marie bought a vcd entitled "Dance Workout with Richard Simmons" last month for her to get fit. Everytime she plays the video and starts to dance/exercise, my youngest sister Jookie and I would just laugh and make fun of her because we thought it's so corny and it would not be an effective "losing weight" strategy for her.hahaha!
But last Thursday, when the cable connection was temporarily lost, Jookie and I were so bored. She have chicken pox also (sorry Jookie :-P). I decided to play the said video just for fun. We followed the steps and started dancing and exercising, and before we knew it, we are already having fun and enjoying the steps and songs. We even finished the whole video! We were already sweating to the max and gasping for air when we decided to stop. Hahaha! It was really a fun bonding moment for us, while waiting to feel and look better because of chicken pox :-(. We promised ourselves not to make fun of Marie anymore. Hehehe.
So if you guys plan to lose weight and want to sweat to the sound of "oldies but goodies" songs, I recommend this video. The steps are so easy, you'll never have to worry! :-) You'll simply enjoy dancing and grooving! :-P 

Two thumbs up! :-)

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.”

Monday, February 06, 2012


My sisters and I love "Chichirya"! We grew up having our bonding moments with lots of "Chichirya" on our side.I still remember running to sari-sari stores everytime a new "chichirya" is introduced to the public.haha! Remember pom-poms...sweet corn...lechon manok...humpy dumpy when first released to the market? It was a blast in our house!hehe! My sister Marie would always give me money to buy a bunch of those! Eventhough we are already adults now, our love for "Chichirya" just never fades. Our mom keeps reminding us to slow down on this kind of snacks, considering the Medical Abstract of our family, from our our our parents and of course our age!toinkz! It is really wrong. But my sisters and I just can't get enough of "Chichirya". Haist. I just hope and pray that we will still be healthy inspite of our stubbornness. :-P

Yay! Our dining table...bow!

See that container? Our goal is to fill that up with lots of "goodies"!

Success! Boom!

"We are all dietetic sinners; only a small percent of what we eat nourishes us; the balance goes to waste and loss of energy. " ~William Osler

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DVD Marathon

I'm on sick leave for almost two weeks now because of chicken pox. The scars caused by these blisters is so depressing...I hope it would fade soon...haist. While waiting to feel and look better, I've finished watching two cool series in dvd. If you are getting bored at home, I recommend these two.

The Mentalist follows Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) based in Sacramento, California. Although not an officer of the law of any sort, he uses skills from his former career as a successful psychic medium (which was a ruse, as he does not believe anyone actually has psychic abilities) to help a team of CBI agents solve various crimes, with the hope of one day bringing Red John, the murderer of his wife, Angela, and daughter, Charlotte, to justice. - 
I've finished watching Season 1 & 2 and started Season 3 two months ago and just finished this week. I got hook to this series because I like the twist in catching the real killer. You will really think hard and analyze every event  from the start until the end of each episode. I think Season 4 is on going now in the US, can't wait for the release of the The Complete Fourth Season in dvd!
The first season of Top Chef: Just Desserts was broadcast on Bravo. It featured 12 pastry chefs fighting to win the title of Top Chef. -

I love sweets, cakes, ice creams, chocolates...etc...and anything that have to do with sugar!haha! :-) I really enjoyed watching this show, seeing lots of cake and desserts masterpieces done by executive pastry chefs! How I wish I have their talents and abilities!boom! I've read in the net that there's already Season 2, I'll buy a copy of that also when I get well. :-)

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” - A.J. Reb Materi


Saturday, January 28, 2012


My elder sister Marie celebrated her 33rd birthday last January 24. I felt like I ruined her supposed to be "bongga" planned party, because she just decided to make the celebration simple, because I have chicken pox. Some of her friends don't want to go to our house, afraid that they might get these blisters from me.haist!. But we still manage to make her birthday fun, Radoc Family Style :-)
Marie, as I fondly call her,hehe, I grew up not calling her "ate", she just said, it's because we're "american style" sisters, boom!, is my super chinita sister and the chichirya queen of the house. She was Miss Hongkong during her elementay days. Growing up, she's my greatest enemy at home, we don't get along really well during our childhood days, but she shows her love to me in a special way. I know she cares for me a lot and I love her too. :-) 
She's always there to support us, her sisters, in whatever we want to do in life. Always telling us to enjoy life to the fullest!
For my birthday wish, I just hope you stay happy and healthy and may you reach all your dreams. I love you Marie!

"Sisters annoy, interfere, criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom. Are always underfoot. But if catastrophe should strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers."  - Pam Brown

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi everyone! I've been wanting to have a blog where I can share some of my thoughts with others, life's adventure, inspire them or even just to make anyone smile :-). I admit, I'm a frustrated writer, but I ended up being a Mechanical Engineer so if you find my blog boring or my grammar/spelling annoying, have a little mercy on me!hehe! Hey I've just started, I know there are still a lot to learn from this field.
From this day on, I will be giving you articles about anything under the sun, that I hope all of you would enjoy! :-P
So for an "appetizer"...let me tell you something about...ME!haha. I would love to be close to my future readers or followers and let's start at "Getting to know each other" stage. Ok, let me make this brief...
My name is Cherry C. Radoc, my titas and sisters call me Chiririt, that's one of the many nicknames I have and it's my favorite because it's fun to pronounce. I'm turning 31 this year. I was born on July 6, 1981.(but people always mistaken me to be an eighteen year old young lady or a girl fresh out of college,maybe because of my height (i'm 5 feet flat!), or maybe because I'm just really cute!haha!boom!)
I love listening to any kind of music. I love chocolates, cakes and ice cream. I don't have that much talent in drawing but I love to draw  whenever I have time.
I'm a late bloomer lady just wanting to enjoy life to the'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!!!

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be giving you my first "formal" article for this blog so keep visiting guys!

"Go through life like a child, always trusting, always full of simplicity and humility,content with everything and happy in all circumstances." c",)