Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fashion Monday :-) (echos!)

I'd decided to make "Monday" as a Fashion Spot for this blog. I will write articles related to the World of Fashion. I don't know for how long but probably as long as ideas/topics enter my mind. ;-)

Taking up a college course dominated by men is probably the reason why dressing up is not my thing. Pants/shorts and t-shirt is my usual get-up for a day. Wearing dresses is not my thing (except of course for special occasions where I need to comply with a dress code). For my sisters, it is the complete opposite! They like to dress up and wearing dresses for work, for casual occasions, etc. is just a common thing for them. For me, I lack the confidence to wear dresses in public as a casual wear. I don't know why but I'm really not comfortable walking around the street wearing those. But one day, my eldest sister Liza told me that I should try to wear dresses because I have such a cute/petite body that will go well with it. (well, what do you expect, she's my sister, whether it's true or not, I chose to believe her.hahaha). She said my choice of clothes are boring and corny. And that's when I'd decided to play with fashion and started wearing dresses more often. There are still times I don't feel comfortable roaming the city wearing fancy dresses but I chose to be confident. I think girls should always feel cute/pretty with their choice of wear. Don't mind the comments/eyes of the people around as long as you feel beautiful.Go girl!

Here are some pictures of me feeling "girly-girly" :-P ...

Walking around the streets of Singapore :-)

Picture Taking in Resorts World ;-)

Spa at New World Hotel

Going to church in Japan :-)

Star City with Rome!


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