Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day :-(

Although it is still so hard to accept the fact that Papa is no longer with us, we still tried to celebrate Father's Day last June 16, 2013 to show him that he is never forgotten and he will live forever in our hearts. I know he is up there watching and guiding his girls. :-)

I still have my moments...There are times my tears would just fall everytime memories of him pop into my mind...I still can't listen to Elvis Presley's songs without crying my heart out...but still I am trying my very best to be strong for my mother and my sisters.

I woke up early on this day hearing papa's favorite Elvis Presley's CD playing loud in our room and it was my sister Marie's way of waking us up. It made us cry again. But, it brought us happiness feeling Papa's presence in his room. (the CD player kept on skipping on the songs, although we know the CD is not damaged, it is probably Papa's way of telling us he is just around the house.:-))

We went to church and heard mass and after that we went straight to the cemetery and offered candles and prayers. Then we had our breakfast at Jollibeee,Libertad. Mommy cooked our favorite spaghetti and we bought a roll of cake and we had our simple celebration at home.

I miss you papa. Father's Day would never be the same without you here...

God Bless all the Fathers :-)

Hi Papa!

Romeo's Girls :-)

(Never mind those crying eyes.)

We chose to be happy. We are bonded by love...

King Romeo!

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