Thursday, March 07, 2013


Ramen is my comfort food here in Japan. Everytime I feel sad I would always request my roommate to accompany me to my favorite Ramen House here, Yamaokaya. (Thanks to our half-filipino, half-japs neighbor/friend Sachiko for introducing this Ramen House to us.) Those big sized noodles and oh so yummy hot soup served in a gigantic bowl relaxes my senses. Haha. It’s a good thing it is one of the cheapest foods here so I don’t have to spend thousands for just one meal. My buddy and I would even share in one bowl sometimes, because it is already big enough to satisfy our hunger. I really have the simplest taste buds in the world, haha! Ramen, anyone?!



Happy Cherry :-)

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  1. Ramen is also Gil's favorite. All Japanese food comes next. haha! Nice one, Cherry..enjoy there and tc! Regards to Ting! :)