Friday, August 24, 2012

Arrival in Japan

Last July 2, 2012 after almost 5 years of waiting for the company I am currently employed to, to be given a chance to work in Japan also like my other colleagues, I finally arrived in Japan. I considered this almost 6 months of stay in this country as an early birthday gift, as my birthday was just 4 days away then. Aside from career growth, I am also excited to live on my own and experience the joys and pains of being away from home. I know I will miss my family so much but I also can’t wait to see myself grow as a mature person and make decisions on my own. I can now finally unleash my cooking skills after months of learning and trying at home. Hahaha. I know doing household chores would not be a problem for me because, hmm, I have no other choice but to do it! I am gonna be all by myself! :-)

I can’t wait to learn new things at work and broaden my knowledge about the wonders of Mechanical Engineering, my chosen field. I know there are also a lot of exciting things to see and learn outside my work and a chance to discover and explore the beauty of this country. I also have my fears but I know my faith in the Almighty God will guide me all throughout this new journey in my life. Ikimasho!

Flight DELTA Air Lines (DL) 172
Depart: Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL), Terminal 1
Arrive: Narita (NRT), Terminal 1 Tokyo

Fasten your seat belt :-)


Haha.Old School. I watched the This Is It Concert 
of Michael Jackson while on flight. (eventhough there are a lot of new choices,new artists...)
I Love You Michael! :-)


Arrived Safely! Thank you Lord!


Narita Airport Terminal 1

Konnichiwa! :-)

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