Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day at Work

Last July 3, 2012 was my first day at work in Japan. I was assigned at the Tsuchiura Office as one of the staffs in the Compressor Department. The job is quite different from my line of work in the Philippines because I’ll be using a different software, not the one that I’ve been using for almost five years. The pressure is really big on my part, because I don’t want to disappoint my superiors back home who trusted me with what I consider as an opportunity and a responsibility. I’ll do my best to help the group and putting my trust in my abilities and holding on to my faith in the almighty God to be an asset to the company. That day, I'd felt like a girl fresh out of college and going to her first ever job again. Fear, excitement, happiness are all over me as I'll be working with people of different culture and language. But I guess it's nice to say that I've come prepared for this battle :-P

"I am the girl from Manila!" hahaha!

I have this inside my bag on my first day in case of emergency...hahaha!


Welcome Gifts from one of my Japanese Bosses :-)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Arrival in Japan

Last July 2, 2012 after almost 5 years of waiting for the company I am currently employed to, to be given a chance to work in Japan also like my other colleagues, I finally arrived in Japan. I considered this almost 6 months of stay in this country as an early birthday gift, as my birthday was just 4 days away then. Aside from career growth, I am also excited to live on my own and experience the joys and pains of being away from home. I know I will miss my family so much but I also can’t wait to see myself grow as a mature person and make decisions on my own. I can now finally unleash my cooking skills after months of learning and trying at home. Hahaha. I know doing household chores would not be a problem for me because, hmm, I have no other choice but to do it! I am gonna be all by myself! :-)

I can’t wait to learn new things at work and broaden my knowledge about the wonders of Mechanical Engineering, my chosen field. I know there are also a lot of exciting things to see and learn outside my work and a chance to discover and explore the beauty of this country. I also have my fears but I know my faith in the Almighty God will guide me all throughout this new journey in my life. Ikimasho!

Flight DELTA Air Lines (DL) 172
Depart: Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL), Terminal 1
Arrive: Narita (NRT), Terminal 1 Tokyo

Fasten your seat belt :-)


Haha.Old School. I watched the This Is It Concert 
of Michael Jackson while on flight. (eventhough there are a lot of new choices,new artists...)
I Love You Michael! :-)


Arrived Safely! Thank you Lord!


Narita Airport Terminal 1

Konnichiwa! :-)